Keyboard Fun

Setting up keyboard

Prerequisites: None

Use this lesson if you have a BigKeys keyboard with colored keys, or you have created colored labels for keys

You can change the screen to have capital letters or lower case letters to match your keyboard. Click here to see how

You can change the colors of the keys on the screen, both background and foreground to match the keyboard.


For a child using both hands on the keyboard, consider separating the keys into left and right colors. Chose colors that the child can distinguish between and that are a good contrast.

example: Click here to see how

left and right keys colored

For a child who may be using one hand only, use different colors on each line to assist finding where the letters are located: Click here to see how

You can also change the color of the letters themselves: like this: (Click here to see how)

keyboard with letters colored

or this:(Click here to see how)