Free 30-day Demo Downloads

Download free 30-day trial or send an email with your mailing address to

windows PC version: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10

The demo versions will run for 30 days once installed. The demo version contains all features of the full version, except it contains only a selection of recorded Dolch Words. The full version contains all recorded Dolch Words.

How to install on Windows:

Download the file by clicking on the appropriate link.

Double click on the file once it is saved, it will lead you through the installation process

If installing on Windows 7, run the program the first time as the Administrator to establish the trial date

USA English Version   (27.5 Mbytes)
UK English Version (25.0 Mbytes)
Spanish Version (18.2 Mbytes)
I Can Spell (18.5 MBytes)

Mac MAC version:

How to install on MAC

Click on the link below to download the file

Double click on to unarchive the files. When it is finished you will see a folder, KeyboardFun. (Newer version of MAC OS will do this for you automatically). Open this folder to see the application KeyboardFun. (There will also be a folder called OT-CARE). Double-click on the application to run it. The first time it runs, files will be copied to the appropriate areas.

USA English Version  (26.7 M Bytes)
UK English Version  (25.8 M Bytes)
Spanish Version  (23.8 M Bytes)