OT-Care: Miss Sue's Keyboard Fun

A fun way to teach the layout of a standard keyboard for Windows or Mac

Now available for the IPAD!


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J using the keyboard

  • Great for students with autism or with physical or learning disabilities
  • Motivate and reinforce learning
  • Large visuals and sound to adapt for poor vision
  • Data collection to measure progress
  • Dolch word lists included
  • Grade the task as the child progresses
  • Display UPPER or lower case letters
  • Enter your own pictures and sounds for letters or words
  • Color the display keys to match the keyboard
  • Add sounds and pictures for words
  • Change screen background color

Available in Spanish!

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Do you have students for whom handwriting is difficult or laborious, but they seem unable to use a computer keyboard? Do typing tutors leave them frustrated and with feelings of failure? Miss Sue's Keyboard Fun will introduce you to a program designed to teach the layout of a standard computer keyboard to such students. It can be used as students are being introduced to the alphabet and learning to read; or can be used later with students with poor handwriting skills.

Miss Sue's Keyboard Fun starts with matching keys to pictures and sounds, building a memory of letter placement. Initially errors are ignored to provide success quickly; you can grade the task up as the child learns, and build up to spelling words with or without prompts. It has been used successfully with children with cerebral palsy, autism and other developmental disabilities.

It is fully customizable to your particular needs. It can be installed on a MAC or a PC and is available in English and Spanish versions.

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